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Giusti Roma

Vittoriale degli Italiani centenary boxed edition

Vittoriale degli Italiani centenary boxed edition

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Box contents:

Hand drawn elegant cardboard centenary box

Handmade Coat of Arms Patch

Ansaldo SVA Profile 10 limited edition hand drawn

Elegant cardboard box case

In the foreground the hand-drawn Ansaldo SVA 10 is portrayed at the moment of the flight on Vienna and D’Annunzio’s phrase ” i have never felt so proud of being italian. Among all our historical hours this is truly the highest. Only today is italy great, because only today is it pure among many meannesses. In the background is the original photo of the city taken during the enterprise.

Handmade coat of arms patch

The patch depicts the official emblem of the centenary of the Vittoriale degli Italiani. The emblem of the centenary of the Vittoriale was made with two hands on cashmere fabric. Starting from the basic design with golden metal wire, the gladius and numbers were executed. The difficulty of making the points, due to the rigidity of the thread, has meant that the numbers are different even within the single emblem. The silver wings with tinsel were later added. Finally a cardboard template was affixed to the back, also sewn by hand.

Ansaldo SVA profile picture limited edition entirely hand drawn and printed in fine paper with reliefs.

The profile reproduces exactly the biplane preserved at the Vittoriale. In addition to the numerous details in relief, the quality of the design will not escape, especially in the figure of the lion, the thousands of nails of the wooden fuselage, the hand beaten plate of the engine hood and the knots of the stitching thread under the finishing tape. In the background of the profile is the original photo of the San Pelagio airfield Size 34,5 x 23cm

The project is included in the official program of commemorations of the centenary of Vittoriale degli Italiani.
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