Season Spring / Summer 2023
Capsule Collection "Alta Velocità"
Homage to the Italian motorsport competitions of the '20s and '30s

The colors of capsule collection (red, light blue and yellow) recall courage, creativity and determination of italian entrepreneurs, pilots and designers.


Unisex jumpsuit in one piece, central buttoning.

Stand-up collar, button closure.

Two pockets at the top (button closure).

Elastic waistband.

In the lower pockets zip closure.

Elastic at the wrists and bottom pants.


Colors: yellow, light blue, red

Jacket and Pants

Sporty jacket with asymmetrical cut highlighted by the diagonal zipper.

Zip closure and buttons on the shoulder.

Narrow waist from sliding belt equipped with buckle.

Sporty pants with elastic waist and bottom without pockets.

Color: Red Texas


Vintage cap inspired by car racing in the early twentieth century.

Cap with inner lining.

Closure with sliding buckle.


Color: Red Texas